Peel back the joy with our Banana Infusion disposable vape. This playful little number is all set to whisk you away on a tropical treat from the first puff. Encased in environmentally responsible hemp plastic, it embodies carefree enjoyment and sustainability. Savor the rich, creamy essence of ripe bananas, perfectly captured in our CO2-extracted cannabis oil. It’s a banana bonanza that’s potent, pure, and positively delightful.

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Take a crisp bite into freshness with our Green Apple Infusion! This disposable vape is your ready-to-enjoy pass to a juicy, apple orchard experience. Made from eco-friendly biodegradable hemp plastic, it’s as kind to the planet as it is to your palate. Indulge in the pure, potent bliss of CO2-extracted cannabis oil, capturing the essence of a sun-kissed green apple. It’s a perfect pick for a refreshingly light and uplifting escape.

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Slice into the sweet serenity of our Melon Infusion vape. Ready from the moment you unwrap it, this disposable delight is your ticket to a lush, melon-infused getaway. Its biodegradable hemp plastic casing reflects our commitment to Earth-friendly practices. Relish the pure, potent goodness of CO2-extracted cannabis oil, delivering a succulent and soothing melon experience that’s as rejuvenating as it is delicious.

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Dive into a strawberry field of dreams with our Strawberry Infusion disposable vape. Prepped and primed for your immediate pleasure, this delightful device delivers the sweet, sun-ripened splendor of summer strawberries. Crafted from sustainable hemp plastic, it combines environmental consciousness with pure indulgence. The CO2-extracted cannabis oil ensures a potent and pristine strawberry bliss, making each puff a lusciously fruity adventure.

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